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Old School
Just got back from watching a premiere of Old Schoolat the Kabuki with Mike. I just have to say that this movie is the new college movie for this decade. Luke Wilson was great; so was Vince Vaughn even though he’s just playing the same character. Will Farrell was hilarious in this; Craig Killborn was in it too and looked kinda creepy.
The only thing that sucked was that there was gum on my seat and a little bit got on my new sweater. And also, the air was off, so it was kinda hot and there was a lot of fragrance floating around the place. I’m still mad at the gum thing; I can’t be sure, but I think that the guys behind me put the gum there. >:-(
Well, turned my self-evaluation in. Not too happy with it, but I plan on wowwing the boss when I go in to talk to him about it.
What else? Starting to think more about looking for a new place. This weekend, I am helping Mike help his sister move to a new place, so I figure the week after that we will start to get serious. I guess I wouldn’t mind staying here if we can get the rent down, even if we have to move to another place here in Park Merced. But if we don’t, then the main thing that I want is a place with a washer/dryer in it. I am SO TIRED of going to the laundry mat to wash clothes.
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