Today was a pretty chill

Today was a pretty chill day at the warehouse.
We sent so much stuff over to the store in the last two days, that there were no transfers.
It was Mikey’s last day working also. I forgot to bring the camera to take pictures of him.
Mikey was a great guy and will be missed. I hope he does well at Expressions Center for New Media.
However, other events going on at the store that is bringing my mood down to match the overcast skies here in S.F.
I think that I will leave them as rumors for right now, even though my brain is in overdrive projecting nothing but the worse.
Think that I will numb it with some Online Diablo II.
Want to join me, I’ll be on a U.S. West server somewhere. Game name – tygreyes.
Password….Hmmmm The name of “my” cat that Suzanne kicked out of the house.
P.S. Suzanne has my expansion disc, so it’ll be original Diablo II characters.
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