Student Loans are for suckers…

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I totally agree with this piece. It will take forever for me to pay off my loans right now. I have no idea on how I can save money to buy a house, esp. here in CA. And it is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t be a teacher, because I couldn’t afford to. Sure, they give you a break on your loans, but it isn’t much.
**update** After reading some of the comments at, I think I’ve changed my mind a bit. I know that a college degree is a good investment for me. I think it’s just thinking about how long I’m going to have to pay for it is what got me going. If I didn’t have to pay for everything else like the car and rent, or lived in such an expensive place, then I might not worry about it. Actually a small part of it I used to pay off my credit cards. So I guess that’s a good thing, since the intrest rate is lower on my loans than the credit card rates, right?
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