Mike is trying his best

Mike is trying his best to cheer me up.
**sigh** I should be grateful, but inside I just keep thinking that I wish he would go away.
I am in the midst of another depression spell. Which means that I am having thoughts again of cutting myself.
I keep thinking back to the scene in The Royal Tenebaums when Luke Wilson went into the bathroom and tried to kill himself.
I won’t cut myself; I’m no where near that point. And hopefully, there won’t be any more surprises to push me to that point.
Still, with the V-Day holiday coming up, I know that I will be in this state at least for the next couple of weeks.
If I’m going to be depressed, I need to get my game face on so that people won’t bug me about it at work, like they already are.
Going to take a shower now to relax and to practice smiling.
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