Faced with all of the

Faced with all of the stress and pressures in my life, I have regressed back to the pleasures of my childhood in order to escape. And so I am surrounded on the one side by books and the other side with my computer.
I was a big reader has a child, just devouring books. The library has always been a safe house of sorts for me, a place I know that I could be safe at. And so now, I surround myself with books to read for the weekend:

And then I have my computer. I remember my first computer, a Commodore Vic20. I remember playing games and typing programs out of….God, what was that magazine called. I can’t remember what it was called, but I do remember that I didn’t have a disk drive, but a tape drive. A cassette tape drive. Later I upgraded to a C-128. Well, my computer is a little faster than that old Vic20, but it will serve it’s purpose has I play games and type away.
And so I flee, to forget the pain, to forget the suffering. Will this be enough, though…
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