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That’s It. I surrender……

Now, in addition to the cough I have, my teeth hurt.
My teeth hurt because I am stressed out and am grinding my teeth.
I’m stressed out because of many things.
But the thing that set it off is a package I got in the mail.
I would show you the package, but I can’t upload pictures cause of my fucking web host.
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am hitting Doomie levels of whining.
It is time to finish off the rest of the cough syrup.
And I’ll throw in some alcohol, just to make sure that I dull all of the pain.
The pain in my head, the pain in my mouth, the pain in my soul.
And most important, the pain in my heart.
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All I want is a web host that I can upload stuff when I want too with out it having problems.
Is that too much to ask?
O.K. Granted, I am probably causing my own grief by still using FrontPage. But since I can’t afford anything else, what can I do?
Yes, I guess I could use Notepad. **rolls my eyes**
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Lets take a look at the red carpet of journals (sarcasm)….

O.K. so these are the winners determine by divineawards.
First we have iceangel, winner of the Best Graphics. I look at her journal and there’s not much to look at. Not really sure why she won, since her background is white. Did she win for the friends only icon she made with that guy from Good Charlotte? I don’t know, maybe there is a picture she posted; but since her journal is friend’s only, the world will never know, I guess
O.K. moving on to menina, who won for Best Colors. And well, what can I say, the colors on her page are very nice. Granted it is hard to fuck up black on white. Another friends only journal, so can’t comment on the writing of the journal. Scrolling down there is a list of early adopter accounts. Hmm wonder if this is a community or something? OMG. This girl has claimed over 100 journals for herself. Who the hell does she think she is. This one is def. gettng reported to Blurty Abuse. We’ll see what happens.
Next we have daydreamz for best icons. Now, I might be wrong about this, but in order to win Best Icons, DON’T YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOME ICONS FIRST!?!?!?
After that there is xxgotpunkxxxfor Most Dependable.. Hmmm, not really dependable with a deleted journal.
Well, let’s try sopranobaby84for Best Additude. Sopranobaby84 is the 1st winner that is 18 or over, so at least she’s not breaking any rules, like the other underage winners. Like the others, her journal is also friends only, so I can’t really tell what kind of additude she has. But since she is the OWNER of divineawards community, why not vote for yourself to win something. Sounds fair and impartial to me.
Outstanding Community award was awarded to gifts, which just happens to be owned by that most dependable journal xxxgotpunkxxx. O.K. this is getting ridiculous now.
Most unique was won be iceangel. **sigh** O.K., this competition has real problems.
Most Creative was won by smooches. Uhhh….A picture of Dora the Explorer. That’s it, that is all that is on the page. Well, compared to the uniquiness of iceangel,I guess it is creative. **rolling my eyes**
O.k. I fucking give up….There is only so much visual abuse a pair of eyes can take in one day. One can only count the days until the Blurty servers crash under the weight of all of these badly designed journals, with their big ass backgrounds of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Joel from Good Charolette and horendous color schemes.
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What makes a good journal?

Had a long bitch post about journal awards, but it just exhausted me.
Think that I am going to chug more medicine and wait for my body to die cause of this fucking cough.
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Friday Five for 1/17/03

1. Where do you currently work? I am currently the Warehouse Supervisor for the San Francisco State University Bookstore. According to my job description, “The Warehouse Supervisor ensures smooth operation of the Bookstore’s warehouse, superior handling of merchandise, certifies the accuracy of information processing as it applies to the prompt and accurate processing of merchandise, the pricing and distribution of all incoming goods, and maintains very open lines of communication with the store staff. Responsible for timely delivery of merchandise to the Bookstore and maintaining accurate warehouse inventories.”
2. How many other jobs have you had and where? Other jobs include: working at Baskin Robbins (Sen. Staff Leader), Solano Baking Company (Sales Clerk), the Pumpkin Patch at the former Nut Tree (Lead Games Attendant), at the teen center in Taegu, Korea (assistant), and for the 19th Theather Support Command in Taegu, Korea (office assistant).
3. What do you like best about your job? The fact that I am in charge and that I can run things my way without anyone looking over my shoulder.
4. What do you like least about your job? Although it pays well, it is a dead end job. There is really no where for me to go from here.
5. What is your dream job? A job where I would be paid well, have job security, work with computers, and would challenge me in some way.
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