Safe at home, except my

Safe at home, except my tooth is killing me. Oww. Time to chew on some Excedrin.
Was going to goto the gym tonight, but I think I had a good workout with all of the lifting I did this afternoon. Since there will be more the rest of this week, I will probably skip out. I will start keeping track of my diet though.
Made the mistake of finishing off Mike lunch from McDonald’s. When will I learn that I just can’t stomach that crap anymore. And the topper was when I had Mike bring me back something to drink. I told him something clear, but he brought me back a dnL, which is made by 7up. To sum it up, it’s better than Pepsi Blue, but by not much. They are actually going to be around the city giving out samples starting this week.
So what’s up tonight; will think about wrestling around with Moveable Type. Also work on the web site; I have an idea or two for Chinese New Year. It’s the year of the Sheep (or Goat), so if you are going to turn 12, 24, 36, etc…it’s your year. Suzanne and Eric both fit this category; I think Mike is a Goat also.
Scary thought of the day…I was in the shower and I realized that I am turning 29 this year. It was a scary slap in the face.
Oh yeah, Bridezilla and Joe Millionaire are on FOX tonight.
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