And then AT&T decided to send Joe a reminder of his Hell Trip on Greyhound.

So I get my cell phone bills and it’s about $30 over what it should be, mostly made up of roaming and long-distance charges. Apparently, AT&T have changed the coverage areas, or maybe I’m still thinking of my coverage area when I was with Sprint. Anyway, Oregon and Washington aren’t in my roaming area, but since I was still on an AT&T network, ROAM didn’t show up on my cell. Poop on AT&T.
So I could change over to a national plan which would cover me for those areas; mainly I just need it when I go see my parents in Washington. It would be a little cheaper, I would lose a 100minutes, and my night minutes would start at 9P.M., instead of 8P.M. Will have to think about it.
Damn, I am never going to be able to save money. It just seems like something always comes up. Still need to wait on the Financial aide people about deducting my interest on my taxes.
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