**yawn** 1 1/2 hour until

**yawn** 1 1/2 hour until the start of my vacation….I hope Mike remembers that he is giving me a ride to BART. He’s forgetful like that. Anyway, I think I am all packed. I forgot to goto the library to get books, so I’m debating whether to bring some of my own books for the plane ride or buy a magazine at the airport. Looking over my book collection and there is nothing particular I want to bring. I haven’t read any Anne Rice in a while, but I think that my Vampire Lestad is up in Washington. I forgot to check with my brother Eric to see if they have a SonicCare toothbrush up there. Guess I’ll load up the charger for that. I am bringing up a lot of crap. I also brining up Xmas cards to do. Like I am going to have time to do all of this stuff. I’ll probably send the whole time playing PS2. Yeah, right. What else? Conversations with mom should be lots of fun, esp. ones about Suzanne. O. K., I need to jump into the shower; it’s going to need time to tackle the afro on my head.
**side thought** Boston public has to be the most dangerous school in the world. I swear, it seems that there is a riot or the police is there in every commercial.
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