What a ride…

Something must have been in that chicken soup, cause I had fucked up dreams all night long. It was either that or the vitamin that I have. I never did finish the post that I wanted to do.
**yawn** Well, today I def have to pack and clean my room. I’m thinking that I will go to the laundry mat to wash my sheets and blankets.
I wish that I had taken some before/after pictures of myself. I don’t think that there would be any difference, but I just feel like I’ve lost some weight and gained some muscles. I woke up this morning and wish that I had someone to take a picture of me cause I felt that I was looking really sexy.
**yawn** Well, I need to throw some clothes on and start unpacking my new suitcase so that I can fill it up. When I’m not traveling, I use it to store all of my memorabilia and junk.
Current mood: good
Current music: Dixie Chicks – Cowboy Take Me Away

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