According to the news, it

According to the news, it was suppose to be sunny this weekend. Well, it might be sunny in other parts of S. F. and the bay, but here in the Sunset near S. F. State, it is foggy and cold. Blah.
Couple of things I need to get done this weekend, with the #1 thing is to pack. The plan is to bring all of my dirty clothes up to wash so that I don’t have to go to the laundry mat. Very cheapskate-ish, I know. I also need to import all of my e-mail addresses to my web access account so that I can e-mail people while I am gone.
I hope nothing goes wrong while I am away. Talking about work here. I gave the guys some stuff to do, but it a slow week, so I know that the guys are just going to goof off. hopefully they don’t break anything.
I also have to remember to get Mike a Hanukkah card and gift. It might be worth it to drive up to the Jelly Belly factory just to get him some jelly beans. Will think about it next week.
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