**yawn** Thrusday has come and

**yawn** Thrusday has come and is going…Nothing planned except the gym and to watch wrestling tonight. Will once again think about cleaning my room. Will also consider having some dinner tonight, will be the first time in a week or so since I have cooked something in the kitchen. Just need to get rid of the raviollis that I have in the freezer before I leave on monday. Having it Suzanne style (with butter, salt and pepper) cause I am out of sauce. Don’t think that Salsa would go too well with it. Will go grocery shopping when I get back from my parents next week.
Horoscope from the cell phone today: You’re too slick. Honor a genuine responsibility. Money leaks through your hands. I think that this is suppose to be yesterday’s horoscope (I didn’t get one yesterday).
From MSN: Discuss the things you value with someone who makes you feel secure about yourself. Approach innovative thinking with your usual skepticism, but do not be afraid of change.
Hmmm…interresting, but the Yahoo horoscope says it all.
From Yahoo: Embrace the changes in your life with open arms today, dear Taurus. It may be extremely difficult for you to let go of something in your life – especially something that you are very emotionally tied to. Realize that there are many forces urging you to change, and that the more you resist these forces, the more you are stunting your own growth. Instead of digging in your heels, kick them up in celebration and take off running to a new destination.
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