Weird ass dream of the night….

Was working at the warehouse with a different crew. The warehouse was larger too. I guess we were getting ready for an audit or something. At one point, there was a commotion outside because the paint guys next door trash can caught on fire and we helped them put it out. So the audit committee came and it was led by Mr. Senator Feinstein and his group. They did not like what they saw at the warehouse. At one point, they wanted to look at this chocolate cherry set in a gold box that they insisted was there, but it wasn’t. So I went into my office to check on the computer, but the computer was acting up. I remember phone calls too on my cell phone. One was from Lesa; her and Kurt were in Napa and they wanted to drop by to give me back a game that I had left up there. I told her that I was busy and turned off my cell phone. There were also children running around; I think that one of them was Amber W. son, Brock. Anyway, Senator Fienstien decided he had seen enough and was leaving, and we got into an argument about how I ran the warehouse. The last thing that I remember are my two employees were coming back to the warehouse with some big orange jackets and they were dropping them on the ground and I was yelling at them. I think that they were those two black guys from that Nickelodeon show, All That or Good Burger or something. Then I was awaken out of my dream by Mike yelling out something next door. Mike talks/yells in his sleep. Gawd, I don’t know how Randy dealt with it when they shared a room back in the tower. Regardless of what happens with my living situation, I will not be sharing a room with Mike.
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