Horoscope Mix-up…I wonder which one is right?

From MSN via Keen.com A partner will continue to anger you, as their stubbornness finally outdoes your own legendary intractability. You might feel like throwing your hands in the air and questioning why any of it matters, but in the end, love will find a way.
From My Yahoo via Astrocenter.com Things should be going quite well for you today, dear Taurus. You will find that your emotions have stabilized, giving your mind the ability to think quite clearly. You may discover that you can cut through to the heart of the matter with very little effort on your part. Tackle mental tasks that require a great deal of patience and concentration. You are in the perfect mood to attend to these types of duties
From My Cell Phone via MSN Replay that last move. Fix your mistakes. What’s the rush? You don’t need suspense.
From Alice@97.3 via Astrology.com If you want to impress someone, save it for this afternoon, when you will really shine. Your true nature dominates the picture as the Stars realign. Once again, it’s possible to shop wisely.
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