Friday morning aching….

Starvation diet has gone out the window. Sent Mike to the store with two dollars and told him to get me food and drink. Cheap, I know. But you can get alot of Little Debbie stuff w/ $2. Anyway, I called the store in an effort to stop Mike. **sigh** will power is hard work.
Anyway, my right shoulder is still hurting; I’m thinking that I injured it somehow. It could have been at the gym, but it also could have been while I was sleeping. I’ve been sleeping in funky positions lately.
Going to see the 11pm showing of Harry Potter tonight. I heard that it is almost 3hrs, oy vey. Will go home after work and nap until showtime. Still not sure if I am going to drive there or get a ride with Angie.
Day four of no mental masturbation from Livejournal…Longer still for any other kind….
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