**yawn** Another monday and nother start of the work week. Blah. Think that I will bring my camera into work this week an take some pictures. The most recent set of pictures I took got lost in the great hard drive crash of 2002. Besides, I don’t have a picture of Mike. I might also take some updated pictures of people at the bookstore too.
Plan is to goto the gym everyday this week and hopefully see this girl that I think I went to high school with and talk to her. Got flak from Mew and Barry about not talking to her. Mew is in town this week and I can’t see her. This is why I need to get a second job; I should have enough money left after everything is paid and done to take BART to Dublin to see my friend.
I also need it to get my mind off of Suzanne. **sigh** I can’t spend every weekend lurking around on Livejournal waiting for her to post to see if she says something about me. I think it is time for me to block Livejournal on my browser. What I need to do is to just stop posting on Livejournal; I mean, isn’t that what this journal is for. Well, if nothing else I need to block the sites; if I have to post, I still have the clients to use.
O.K. I guess I should go out and do some work or something
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