What Was Your Best Halloween Costume Ever?

My Tribal Costume

Well, I do look good in all of my costumes for the Renaissance Faire, but this is Halloween that we are talking about. A couple of years I have dressed up as a woman, heels and all, Not that that’s an uncommon thing to see here in the S. F. Bay Area. I was good enough to be hit on by some drunken Mexicans cruising inn a van one year. However, I think that the best costume that I have had would have to be the Tribal Witchdoctor costume that I got for a Halloween rave in 1998, I believe. The rave was Mo’ Lil Monsters I believe and it was at the Berkeley Ice Ring. I went with my co-worker Jon Blair, his brother Ben, Ben’s girlfriend Misty, another coworker, Som, and 1-2 other people who I can’t remember. This was such a last minute thing too. I think I got the costume either the day before the rave or on the night of the rave, which I think was Halloween. I originally wasn’t expecting to find anything, but the lady found this costume in the back and it fit me. It also had a huge headset made out of grass and stuff, but I left it in the car because I was afraid that I would loose it or that it would catch on fire.
We had to goto 2-3 different places in the Bay before we got the final direction to the ice rink in Berkeley. But once we got there and got it, it had to be the coolest experience that I have ever had. The there was 2-3 room and the ice rink and if you wanted to, you could skate. The best part was that whenever I got hot from dancing, all I had to do was go out to the rink and cool off. But I guess I’m supposed to be describing my costume.
I had on a leopard print skirt with a black velvet shirt. On top of the shirt was a huge feather mantle piece that covered the shirt. Around that I wore a tiger print cloak, also velvet. I bought some orange and white face paint and just smeared in on my face to make a stripe pattern. Not sure what I wore for shoes. And there is an orange necklace that I have on that I have no idea what it is. I think that it might have been a clock.
Well, at this rave I did some ecstasy, along with most of the ravers there. So everybody including myself was rubbing my costume. I remember that feeling so good. Oh yeah, I also had a Ewok puppet that I had found earlier that week. So I was dancing with this puppet for most of the night. I think I ended up giving it to this girl who was X’ed out and had lost her friends.
The only other thing that I remember about that night is that after it was over, Jon and I had to take a pee. So we are pissing against this wall and Jon finishes after about a minute, but I continue for almost 5 mins. It was like that Adam Sandler skit where he can’t stop peeing. It was funny and scary at the same time.
After the rave, I got really sick and was homesick for the longest time. I really don’t remember that part; Suzannecould fill in that bit of history better than I could.
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