“Ah, but how could I enjoy the sweet of life without the bitter?”

Mike and his friends are watching Vanilla Sky(great mind fuck movie) downstairs. I saw it a couple of weeks ago, so I declined to see it with them. Sometimes I wonder if I am to depressing for Mike. He is always so happy and cheerful.
Got some really good reading at the library too. Jew Vs. Jew: The struggle for the soul of American Jewry (something about the word Jewry that makes me laugh. I’m such a psycho), In the Beauty of the Lilies by John Updike (wrote The Witches Of Eastwick), The Rock Says… by the Rock. The one that I am just enthralled in is Apple:the inside story of intrigue ego mania, and business blunders. It is just a fascinating read so far, how Apple came to be and the whole Apple II/Macintosh split in the company and all. **sigh** not just an historian or a geek, but an geek historian.
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