I am Joe’s Tuesday Night…

I was going to post earlier at work, but the Mac kept on restarting itself for some strange reason. So much for the perfect Apple computers that never crash…
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I was smoking crack, cause I renewed my membership with Columbia House. So I got my 14 CD (suppose to be 15, but they were out of stock of Wyclef Jean):
INXS / Shine Like It Does, The Anthology (1979-1997) – OMG We are talking about 42 INXS tracks on 2CD’s. INXS is one of my favorite bands. And I’m talking about all of their stuff, pre-Kick, Kick, and post Kick albums. Michael Hutchinson is one of the few celebrities that I have cried about when they died. To me, he was the very definition of a Rock God, along the lines of Jim Morrison. He is a talent that is sorely missed.
The Sopranos Soundtrack – Besides being such a kick-ass show (I’ve only seen the first season. I really need to go and rent the second season), the soundtrack is also kick ass with songs ranging from Sinatra to Cream to Wyclef Jean to Bruce Springsteen. And of course the intro song, Wake Up This Morning.
Chicago / Greatest Hits 1982-1989 – Got this mainly for the memories….
Kid Rock / Devil Without A Cause – Well, he might be shacking up with a diseased Pam Anderson, but I needed some rock in my collection.
Barry White / All-Time Greatest Hits – Suzanne was asking about Barry and was wondering why I didn’t have any in my collection. Ask and you shall receive…
Beastie Boys / Licensed To Ill – Classic album. Gotta have it.
Pink / Can’t Take me Home – Got this for Suzanne to replace the one that got stolen.
Christina Aguilera / Christina Aguilera – Not really sure why I got this. I already have a copy of it that I got from the library. I wonder if I got it for Suzanne? Well, if she doesn’t want it, then I will try to return it.
Tina Turner / Simply The Best – Suzanne thinks that I am sick, but I think that Tina Turner is fucking hot still and I would so do her. If I can only look 1/2 as good as she is when I’m her age
Radiohead / Pablo Honey – Adding to my Radiohead collection
Eurythmics / Greatest Hits – Not sure about this one either. I like the Eurythmics, but I thought that I would have chosen something else over this.
112 / Part III – Peaches & Cream baby. Although when I ordered the CD, I was hoping that the song that they did with Mobb Deep would be on it. Oh well…
John Leguzamo / Live – He is hella funny. I wanted to see him when he came out here a copule of months ago, but I missed out.
I also got some more CD’s from the library: Led Zepplin/IV, Diana Ross & The Supremes/Every Great #1 Hit, The Beatles/One, and the 3 Tenors in Concert 1994.
So altogether, I have 20GB of music on my hard drive; that 1/4 of my total hard drive space. According to my media player, I’ve played less than half of them. It lies though, cause I know that some of them, I have listened too Top five songs played:
Radiohead/Everything In It’s Right Place – 15 times
Missy Elliott/Lick Shots – 11 Times
matchbox twenty/Leave – 11 Times
Missy Elliot/Get Ur Freak On – 10 times
4 songs played 9 times
7 songs played 8 times
Not sure the deep significance of this information. Just putting it out there
Current mood: mellow
Current music: Natalie Merchant – Break Your Heart

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