Ren Faire in Gilroy!

OMG, I thought that it was going to be in Vallejo/Amer. Canyon
Lavezzo represented the American Canyon site’s landowner who wanted to locate the fair there and got Solano County supervisors’ approval to amend land use codes to allow the fair in as a seasonal use. The landowner was also working with the Open Space Foundation to develop trailheads and a conservation easement over the property if it was used for the fair. Things started going wrong when it came to working out environmental issues with the state Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It would take too long to mitigate the fair’s impacts and still open in time for the 2002 Northern California fair season which traditionally starts in September. “It was our understanding that the project became too difficult, that the approval process was to be too lengthy and difficult,” Lavezzo said. The Renaissance Pleasure Faire called the Blackpoint Forest near Novato home for two decades until it had to move to make way for a golf course and housing.
Fair officials initially tried to move the fair to sites that included Sunol and Lagoon Valley, but opposition killed those plans. Vacaville with an empty Nut Tree on its hands, welcomed the fair there on a year-by-year basis for three years with the last season ending in October 2001. During that time, the fair tried to get a site near Antioch, but that fell through, too.
2002 Dates
Northern will be at Casa de Fruita, Sept. 14 – Oct. 20, 2002. Notice there
is no 3 day and this is only 6 weeks. It was described as southeast of San
Jose, but I understand that it’s really Hollister out on Highway 152. They
didn’t start Labor Day for several reasons, including weather being cooler,
construction and a long-running craft market/show in San Jose Labor Day
weekend. The weather being cooler should be really nice. That also means you
won’t be constructing so much in the early part of August. You’ll be able to
work 3 Day weekend also.
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