So I didn’t do Tae-bo…..

So I didn’t do Tae-bo…..
Instead, I walked around Park Merced. I was just going to go and get something to eat and maybe a DVD. But when I got to the video store, I decided that I didn’t need a movie or junk to eat and so I walked around the neighborhood. It’s not that big or anything; 2 miles at the most. But it got my blood circulating and stuff. Will do the Tae-bo tomorrow.
In the process of installing all of the games that I have. I really don’t have that many:
Civilization II Alpha Centauri
Deux Ex Diablo II
Wetrix Fallout
Sheep Starcraft
Half Life NHL 2000
X-Wing TIE Fighter
Mainly I’m installing them just cause I can. I’ll mainly be playing Deux Ex since Shawn got it for me for my birthday.
I also need to spit out some emails to people. I will be working on that for most of the week. This weekend, while Suzanne is at the LJ picnic, I think that I’ll head over to Tracy to see my friends Dan & Jen and their baby Drake. I have so much stuff for Drake.
O.K. Having potato soup and rice for dinner. Yum. **sigh** Thinking about busting out another can of Spam out just so that I’ll have some meat. I can’t wait for payday so I can go grocery shopping.
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