Oh man, I am SO tired. I just want to take a nap or something. I will def. be taking one when I get home.
Work is going O.K. Amber is sick and is coughing alot. I’m sure that the dust and all isn’t helping much.
I hope Suzanne is doing O.K. at the construction site. It is pretty pleasant here, so that means it must be getting in the 90’s in Antioch. I know she will make it and everything, but still I worry a bit.
Now that I have my computer, I can get some projects going. The first is my weight loss; I am going to finally bust out the Tae-bo DVD tonight after my nap. I know the guys are going to laugh at me, but screw them. I don’t have money for a gym membership that they have, so I can’t go. Besides I hate lifting weights, even though I know that I will eventually have too. But I’m going to start slow.
There are still a few bugs left on the new computer. One of the USB ports doesn’t seem to be working. And the USB Radio is acting a little buggy. Otherwise, things are running smoothly.
**yawn** O.k. back to work. Maybe if I’m lifting and stuff, I can stay awake until 5pm
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