Hot time in the city….

By myself at work. It is starting to get a little warm here; that means it will be a hot day today. Unfortunately, it will be even hotter in Antioch where Suzanne is working at. I hope that she can stay cool and hydrated.
Scanning the Journal-List looking for anyone else who is trying to steal Suzanne’s icons. I found one, but I’m not sure cause it’s been altered. I need to work on my journal and my web page. **sigh** And I have to do Tae-bo.
O.K. Rant time. This one concerns my roommate. He gets into the shower at 8:00 and doesn’t get out until 8:45. Now, I’m not too mad at him cause he thought that I was still sleeping and he didn’t know that I had to work today. But c’mom, 45 min. Couldn’t he jack off at night. **sigh** I guess when the call of nature calls…
O.K. I need to make an appearance on the cameras and get some stuff done…
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