Random Livejournal sucks….. All it

Random Livejournal sucks…..
All it brings up are the newest journals. And they all seem to be journal of 16 y.o. girls. The first couple weren’t bad; reading about crushes on this guy and why that girl is a bitch. But after a while (a quick while) it gets really old.
My computer sucks also….
Not the one that I’m getting made, but the Gateway that I’m using now. I has been freezing up and crashing at a nonstop pace. I am SO ready to get rid of it. Maybe my family will have more luck with it than I’m having with it.
Still resisting the urge to hook up the monitor and the scanner. But damn, my eyes are so ready for those 3 extra inches of viewable monitor space.
Current mood: content
Current music: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Soundtrack

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