My roommates….

It is so weird how Matt and I have distance ourselves apart. Now he is getting all of his computer help from Casey. Not that I care or anything. It looks like he finally got his network card for his laptop. Listening to their conversations, he is getting to know Napster better. But it’s come to the point where he wont even talk to me now. He just grunts at me.
And Justin. Justin has a gas problem. Every morning before he wakes up, he farts. And when he takes a shower, he rips a couple out too. He’s done this for a week now. God I miss Tim. Yes, this is the same flamboyant gay Tim that woke me up at 2am in the morning with his telephone call to his friend in Texas about the fashion crisis that he had. But even with crap like that, Tim had to have been one of the best roommates I have had in college. Not just becaue he could clean, but because I could talk and conversate with him.
Current mood: hot
Current music: Dwight Yoakam – Try Not To Look So Pretty

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