Looking back at my New

Looking back at my New Year’s Resolutions thinking about how far have I gone with them, if I am keeping any of them at all….
1. Exercise – **sigh** Well, yes and no. I have started to eat healthier now. I’m gotten some fruit and breads into my life and have def. cut back on the red meat. Not that I haven’t enjoyed a good steak once in awhile. And I do drink more juice than soda now.
But when I have hit the junk food, I have hit it hard with major binges. And I have gotten little pure water into my diet.
2. Budgeting. I did have the budget going on, and I was making good progress….
But this month I have just let it go. I haven’t balanced my account for a couple of weeks now. And I had to raid the savings to cover my checking account. Looks like I will have to wait a little longer for the down payment for a car.
3. Exercise. O. K. That whole dream of doing sit ups and pushups started and ended in Seattle during Xmas. The Aikido class gets my heart pumping and I break into a sweat. And I don’t think that I’ve really gained any pounds. It’s just that I haven’t lost any either. Well, Tae-bo is just around the corner; we’ll see how that works out for me. I’ve also thought about maybe doing Slimfast, but that stuff is expensive
4. Computer Time – ehh. I don’t think I spent as much aimless time on the computer. But I probably still spend too much time altogether on the internet. But, I’ve def. cut back on my game playing.
5. Web Site – I’ve just haven’t the time or energy to design and build a new web site. Once school is over maybe this summer, I can spend more time on it
6. Sex – HA!!!!!
7. Digital Camera – I have been using the camera a bit more. I did kinda stop doing the photos every week thing. But I think that’s something that I am going to start up again, after I get my new computer.
8. Sleeping – I have started going to sleep a bit earlier. The latest that I stay up now is 1am. I’m sure if I had a Creative Nomad, I could get to sleep earlier. (heh, heh, I wish)
9. Car Care – HA!!!!!!
10. Reading – I have started reading a little more now. NOTHING like I used to read. Again, this summer, I hope to pick up more speed and read more. Maybe I should find a book club to join?
11. Clothes – Still haven’t really pulled myself out of dark colors and white tshirts.
12. Friends – This one I have really failed at. I did see so long lost friends finally, like Mia, Lesa, and Kurt. But I have been really bad at emailing, telephoning, and visiting people. And I hate to blame it on work and stuff, but I do. Hopefully I can soon do some much needed catching up.
13. CD Collection – The CD collection is coming along nicely. I am almost ready for my 2nd 256CD Case. Still no Cure though.
14. Computer Games. This is one that I have def. kept. Of course I have been too busy to really buy any.
15. Dealing with Issues – Still no health insurance. But I have dealt with some of the things that haunt me. Confronted might be a better word. Anyway, no word on when I will get coverage so I can see a shrink.
16. Study – I have been studying, just not well.
17. Frendly towards the bookstore staff – I have also kept this one too. Because I am master of my own domain at the warehouse, I am hardly at the store to terrorize the hapless peons. Few, if any fear me; most of the new staff don’t know of me. **sigh** Let the tiger romp in his lair far away from the others, I guess.
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