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I still don’t have a roommate to share my double room with. SWEET!!! So what I did was push the two beds together to make a big bed. It feels so good to be in a big bed again. I can sleep 2-3 people in my bed comfortably now. I need to rearange the room, but other than that, that room is all mine. If my roommate comes later, he will just have to sleep onthe couch or something.
I finally got somemore stuff for the place. I finally got shower curtains. They are the same pattern has my blanket, except the blanket is green and the shower curtain is blue. I also got some food. I went with Suzanne/Serraph to Albertson’s; Usually I goto Safeway, but we had Taco Bell before and Albertsons was closer. I bought $150 worth of groceries. Usually, I’m around $100. It was crazy and we spent 1.5-2 hrs shopping. And we did it all wrong too; we started in the frozen section and worked our way to the fruit/vegetables. I’ve never shopped at Albertsons (this Albertson’s anyway) and so that’s why it was so backwards. Thank got that Matt, my roommate, has a meal plan with the Dining Center. So I can use some of his space for my food.
I still have so much stuff to do in the apartment. I need to clean the bathroom and the kitchen. And the TV situation need to be solved; the fact that we don’t have one. I eventually want to buy a Sony Wega TV, but for now, I think that I will chip in with Matt and just get something. If we both chip in $100, we can get a 20′ or something. And I think he said that he would pay me back before he leaves. Except that I have no money…
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