My lack of money….

It’s not that I don’t have money. I actually have two major checks comming to me. It’s about getting the checks to me that is the problem.
The first check is my financial aid check. I have been waiting for that check for a long time. I need that to buy my book; I also need it for rent for the summer if I don’t move out. And I was thinking about using some of it to buy a new computer for myself. Well, the thing is that I got charged double rent. Before in the fall semster, I was living in alternative housing, since the oncampus apts. weren’t done. But now I moved into the new apartment’s but somebody thought that I was still in the old apartments. So they charged me for both, My financial aid can’t cover both, so I still own the new place $1500 for rent for the semester.
So I call the old housing office and they say that it’s my fault because I didn’t notify them that I was moving out in time. The reason I didn’t notify them is because I didn’t get the letter that they sent to me until the date that it was due (dec 15) because it was postmarked dec 13. Yes, the brilliant geniuses in the housing dept waited 2 days before the letter was due to mail it.
Well, I’ve been told that they would mail a check to me. But so far, noo check. And so I have no books for class, not money in my savings for this summer, and def. no new computer.
The second check is my income tax returns. I bought Quicken cause I am determine to budget myself and to get my finances straight. Part of the deal was that you could get a rebate if you bought TurboTax. So I did and last week I got my W2 and decided to do my taxes.
I’m not quite sure how, but according to TurboTax, I’m due $942. The computer is always right, so I’m not going to question it. The thing is that I had to send it in online to the IRS to conform it before they would direct deposit the money into my account. But since I can’t dial in or anything, I can’t check it or anything. SO I have $942 floating around somewhere in cyberspace.
Well, tommorow, I am going to goto the cashier office and explain my situation and see if they will let me deposit money into my account. If they do, then I can hopefully get my income tax return going and then use that money for my textbooks.
**sigh** Why me…
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