The lack of internet…

I have not internet connection; neither a high speed or a dial up. The network for the apartment that I live in was suppose to be up on Thursday. Well, they weren’t. I went in to the IT office and some dumb guy was trying to make an excuse about it. I guess some people had access, but most didn’t. He was no help to me, so I figured that I would come back the next day and talk to the head guy in the IT dept., cause I had talked to him before and he seemed to know what he was doing.
The next day, there is a sign on the IT dept. saying that the IT dept. is closed until further notice. WTF!!! I don’t know what happened, but for the moment, I don’t have high speed access.
As for the dial-up, the thing with that is that I could dial into the school’s servers; that is what i’ve been doing the last two weeks that I’ve been here waiting for the network to be ready. The thing is that I used up all of my phone time.
With the phone system here, you get a phone number and a PIN number. You put money on you phone number and use the PIN number to dial out. The rates are ok, the the PIN number is huge. But I have a Microsoft Phone, and I just set the phone up to dial the PIN for me, otherwise I would forget.
Anyway, the thing is that I ran out of phone time and I need to deposit more money into it. So i’ve been waiting for payday so I could do that. But then, I left my ATM/Check Card in Serraph/Suzanne’s car (I’ll get to that later.) and so I couldn’t do anything. Well, I finally get my card and I goto the computer lab to make a deposit online, but I can’t. It seems like I owe the school $1500 for rent; which leads into the next topic
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