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Elem Aikido – Another martial arts class with an instructor that can’t speak English. Ok., he can speak English, but it is really rough, it’s so hard to understand him sometimes. He is a new instructor also, which has me worried. And we just went into the moves, without any stretching or any lessons on falling. It’s a good thing that I took a Judo class, otherwise I would be hurting. I think that I should have took Adv. Tai-Chi, but I think that I am going to stick with it. My partner is this little thing named morriene. She is smaller than I am, but she makes these cool sound effects when we are practicing our moves, so I like practicing with her.
US History: WWI to WWII This isn’t a bad class; it’s a mix of a regular class and an internet class. On the instructor’s web site, he has video’s, pictures, and music/sounds that correspond with what we are studying in class. In addition, there is an Internet paper that we have to do, in addition to the 4 other papers that we have to do. Yuck. I need to get back into the paper writing mood. The longer I go without internet access, the harder this stuff is going to be. It is such a bitch to get a computer in the labs. First paper is due on Feb 20th.
The Reformation – another history class. The problem with these two history classes is that they are back to back and they are 1.5 hrs each. So if I skip lunch, I am fighting hunger for three hours. If I do have lunch, and a big one at that, then I am trying to keep myself awake for three hrs.
Anyway, the teacher for this class is really knowledgeable, but she sometimes wanders. It is a heavy reading class and the books are on the church in Europe; not the most interesting thing that I like to read. But I need to get the books. There are three papers due in the class, but they are only 5-7; not too bad.
Beijing – the bio of a city: This is my thursday night class. Has usual, it is taught by a grad student getting their Masters or Ph.D. So they know little to nothing about teaching. But Since I’ve taken ALL the classes on China, I’m not too worried about it. The cool thing is that the first six weeks of the reader is online, and she is going to see if she can get the library to put the whole reader online. That would be cool, if noting else, I can print the whole thing out cheaper than is would cost to buy it.
The biggest problem that I have right now is that I don’t have the books and I have to come to the library to read them at the reserve library. That’s proably a good think since I have nothing to distract me there.
Well, I need to do good this year if I want to get out after next fall. I really need a “A” to get me off of probation. Actually, I think I need to see a councelor, since I have make up some of the classes that I bombed a couple of semsters ago. I need to find out about changing the grades in those. That should help raise my GPA
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