Well, poking around LJ, trying

Well, poking around LJ, trying to fix my style. I need to find my color guide, cause I can’t fix any of these colors…
I guess LJ has a to-do list that’s in beta. I guess that’s cool if you are in a community doing a project. maybe like forCreativity 101
I just realized that I really haven’t emailed anybody in awhile. Hmmm, I think I will have to crank out some of those today while I still have the time to.
I also should do a little with the new web page. I have about 2 pages of sketches that I did awhile back. Now I just need to tinker and see what I can do with those sketches
I think I also need to find a new icon.
Current mood: calm
Current music: Sade – Bullet Proof Soul

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