So I guess I should

So I guess I should deal with the evil question. I think that I can be evil; do evil things. Not as easily has I used to, but I know that I could if I wanted to or needed too. But I don’t think that I’m really evil; probably more scared that evil. That’s not really an tiger trait; being afraid. But I am, of a lot of things.
But then, I think about things that I have done, and I have done some evil things; to other people and to myself…..
why is my roommate using my sink to brush his teeth in. He has his own bathroom….
Anyway….so the answer to the question is no. I am not evil. Crazy – probably. A bastard -most definitely. But not evil. Not completely. Maybe I should look at this from a D&D perspective:
“Evil is the antithesis of good and appears in many ways, some overt and others quite subtle. Only a few people of evil nature actively seek to cause harm or destruction. Most simply do not recognize what they do is destructive or disruptive. People or things that obstruct the evil character’s plans are mere hindrances that must be overcome. If someone is harmed in the process…well, that’s too bad. Remember that evil, like good, is interpreted differently in different societies.”
Well, I don’t think that I am the antithesis of good. Maybe the anti-book report maybe, but that’s pushing it. O.K. maybe I’m evil just for making such a bad joke. I do recognize my disruptive and distructive acts, I choose not to do anything about them though, since most are of the self-destructive and self-disruptive kind.. Sometimes, say during rush at the bookstore and there is a temp S/R peon in my way, perhaps I might get a little….pushy, arrogant, all high and might and have to smite the little cockroach out of my way. But come on, it’s rush. If they survive rush, most find out that I’m just a big softie. Probably way too much info, but I to tend to make sure no toes are steped on when I’m barreling through. But does it matter, since I live in a christian dominated society, I am evil and going to hell anyway.
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