A poem that I found….

When Love comes to me,
Yet stays out of reach;
And you, my dear Althea,
Comes to me at the back gate.
As I lie in your hair,
And are hooked to your beauty;
Not Even the birds in the sky
Know no such freedom.
When we have a drink of wine
Not diluted with water,
Our drunken head as soft as roses,
And our love heated as the sun.
As our thirst of wine grows more and more,
And the cups and bottles run free;
The fish that swim in the deeps
Know no such freedom.
Like the nightingale in the cage,
I speak with the voice of my pride;
Of the kindness, piety, kingly
And legends of my Lord King.
Has I voice my options about my majesty,
And how great he is;
Even the winds that blow in a winter storm,
Know no such freedom.
The skin of Mother Nature can never be a prison;
And her bones never a cage.
A mind free of thoughts and memories
Can use this has a summer cottage far away.
But if my love is free to travel,
And the same with my soul;
The angels in the sky and I
Will enjoy the freedom.
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