The highlight of this day

The highlight of this day so far has to be the flat that I got in the van an hour before it was time for me to go home. The thing is that there was a flat on Thursday that we just fixed and then this. It was scary though on how fast I changed the tire by myself. It took Peter, Tim, and I forever to get the first flat changed…
Anyway, it was just Amber and I today; Tim asked for the day off to take care of some business and Peter was suppose to have worked a half day, but never showed up for work. It wasn’t a real busy day, but I did have to do a lot of lifting by myself.
Mary took me out to lunch and we caught up on our lives and bookstore gossip. I was glad to see her and to talk to her since I don’t get a chance to visit the bookstore anymore. I’m glad that she had a good time in Guam with her family and friends. She said that her parents are thinking about buying her a house in the city. I didn’t realize that she was rich, but that would explain her always having bank money with her.
She wanted me to go wit her to the movies, but I declined. Mary is nice and everything, but I just don’t feel like I would be good company at the movies tonight. I just want to stay in my room and be by myself. Which is what I shouldn’t be doing. **sigh**
So this weekend, I will probably stay cooped up in my room. I do have a party to go to on Sunday. It is Jade’s Birthday party, I have to be there to represent the Warehouse. I think that I will make an appearance and stay for an hour then drop out.
There is so much more that I should be saying right now, but I can’t….not yet…
Current mood: exhausted
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