The Last Entry From 50 Chumasero Drive

**sigh** Well, I picked myself up enough to finish packing. The only thing that is really left is the computer (of course). I can’t fing the box for the CPU, which is odd cause I don’t remember throwing it away. Lucky, I have a box that is big enough for it to fit. I’ll probably have like 15 boxes when I’m done. God, that’s alot of crap. That doesn’t include the couple of boxes that I already have at the warehouse. I think that it’s time to ship some stuff to Mom/Dad and to throw away other stuff. I hate to throw away stuff. The thing is that most of this stuff, I think that I need. These other guys are lucky cause their families live close by: Mike’s sister lives in the city, Randy’s folks are in Yuba City, and Quetzal family is down in Monterey. Meanwhile, my family is in Washington State. If they were still in Vacaville, I’m sure I would have less stuff to move. All of this stuff is practically my life. And it is as big as a mess has my life feels right now.
I will miss Randy and Mike; they were pretty good roommates. I starting to think that I should have stayed here with Randy and Mike and we could have looked for a place for the summer together. Oh well, maybe we will hook up yet. I hope for the best for both of them. I will see Mike since he works at the info desk on campus. Randy, on the other hand, I’m not sure about. Since he has graduated, the only way to see him is to go and join the YMCA. Which I have thought about doing. Quetzal, unfortuantely, I will probably see has he is moving into the Viliage too. But the last time I checked, he was to be in a different building than me. So maybe sighting of him will be far and inbetween. I can only hope.
Still so much to do. I have to change subscriptions and I need to get a change of address form and send emails to everybody saying that I’m moving. But I don’t even know the new address. maybe I’ll wait until after I move.
**side thought** I wish someone would have bought me something off of my wish list at Maybe for my birthday, I will hint really hard to everybody.
Anyway it’s 11:30 and I need to get things done before I goto sleep. So goodbye LJ, when next we meet, it will be on a T1 line. Heehee!!!
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Current music: Seal – If I Could

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