Watching the Ravens/Titans game and

Watching the Ravens/Titans game and downloading patches for my computer. Usually I wait until the night time, but today I just don’t care. Quetzal is gone for the day hopefully so maybe I’ll do some cleaning. I was suppose to go out and get a key made and get some tape, but the weather is so hazy outside, I just want to stay in and hide underneath the covers. I had planned on packing up stuff this weekend, but I think I’ll wait until Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll take the computer to the shop this week to check out the sound card. What else can I do today? Maybe take some more pictures. I like the little animated GIF that I did for my icon. But I think I want to take some face shots; maybe post something on Am I Hot Or Not. I need to clean my face anyway to get it ready for the wedding. I can’t wait for that. It’ll be cool to be in Tahoe with my friends and to see two of them get married. They have been going out for 5-7 years now so they are ready. I just wished that they would have waited before getting pregnant. Speaking of pregnant, I wonder if Lesa and Kurt will be there? Probably not since Lesa is due this month. I think the shower was this weekend. Hmmm. Lesa and I have become so separated this last year, it’s really disappointing. But Mew and Amanda will be there with me and they are fun to have around. Carolina will also be there and it will be good to see her again. And of course there will be champagne and gambling. I’ll def. hit the slots and the blackjack tables. I might even hit the craps and roulette table if I’m feeling lucky. Depends on how much money I have going up there. **sigh** It usually comes down to money….
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