Watched the season premier of

Watched the season premier of La Femme Nikita. I just LOVE Pete Wilson. I mean….DAMN, just look at her. Randy and I have debates over which is better either Peta Wilson or Jeri Ryan (7 of 9 on Star Trek Voyager. She is also in Dracula 2000). I think while Jeri might have the better body, Peta has the voice and the additude. Actually, she did an online movie series called the Secret of Sex (I think) that is just wonderful. I think it was at IFilms.
Anyway, now I am bumming around on the net. I have Jars of Clay playing softly but I am really listening to the wind and the rain outside. I have to remember to dress warmly cause it will be cold at the warehouse. Also have to remember to put some chap stick on my lips cause they are peeling kinda bad…
Just reading some of the other journals out there. There are so many hurt people out there in Live Journal land. It’s kinda comforting, in a sick way I guess. To know that there are others who could somewhat relate to you. It’s also interesting to see what’s going on in other people’s life, good or bad. I doubt if I’ll post on any of them; I’m more of a loner who just uses this to record my own thoughts. Actually, I’m still afraid and just want to be alone in my small little corner in LJ land. If anybody has something to say to me, they can e-mail me. I am just not ready yet to deal with comments; not like I got tons of comments on my other journal.
There was a quote that I was going to post, but I forgot it. I should have wrote it down. but has usual, I let it slip out of my hands. **sigh** The story of my life, I guess.
Just looking at my icon. I really like it, even though I had to cut back on the colors to make it fit. I wish that maybe paid users could get just a little more room for their icon pics. I guess I shouldn’t complain since we get to have 10 pics, but I would love maybe 50 or 60k per pic. Anyway, Brad is a GOD!!!! and the rest of the LJ staff are DemiGODS!!!!
I spent way too much time on the computer this weekend. I feel bad in a way, but I know that this week I wont be on it much. I have to pack for the move and the computer will be in the shop anyway. And then the upcoming weekend is the wedding and unpacking at the new place. So I guess I can justify all of this computer time since there won’t be any next weekend.
Current mood: contemplative
Current music: Worlds Apart – Jars Of Clay

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