Well, the photo’s are somewhat

Well, the photo’s are somewhat organized. I still need to rename a lot of them though. I also need to bring the computer to the shop to fix the sound. I installed a new sound card a couple of weeks ago, but sound only comes out of one speaker. I need to see if it is the speakers or the card. I think either way I’m going to get new speakers; get a 5.1 system so that I can have great sound while watching my movies on the DVD.
What I really need is to make a fashion change. I think that I will buy my jeans from Miller’s Outpost. I like the way that the Huge Anchor Blues feel. But I have tons of jeans; I want to expand and get some khaki’s and some cargo pants. I also want to get some new shirts; a mix between some dress shirts and some print shirts. The thing is that I work at the warehouse and it is too dirty there to get anything fancy and new. But I am tired of just wearing t-shirts all the time. I think regardless, some of my t-shirts have to go; some of the sweat stains are just not pleasant to look at. Yuck! The clothing items that I really need are socks and underwear. I am running low on socks, but those are no big deal. My underwear, is a different matter. I wear Joe Boxer and Tigger underwear. Most of my Tigger underwear has shrunk. I kinda don’t want to get rid of it, but I’m tired of underwear riding up my legs and ass. I have some boxers but I wear boxer briefs mostly; ever since Mary Mark did the Calvin Klein commercials. Sad, isn’t it. I also could use a couple of new baseball caps and a couple of new shoes.
**sigh** Why is it when we break up, we have to make a change somewhere in our lives. What I really want to do is to dye my hair; Like blond or platinum. But I would have to get it done professionally. I don’t think I trust anybody to do it for me; every since my mom gave me a bald spot when she tried to cut my hair in the third grade, I’ve been sensitive about people messing with my hair. Anyway, with the wedding coming up in a week, I’ll either get my usual 80’s Eddie Murphy fade or maybe I’ll get it all cut off again. People seemed to like the bald look, even though I think my head is lumpy.
Maybe I should get an earring or a nose ring? Yeah right. Anyway, I can’t do anything until I get paid next week. I wonder when I’ll be getting my financial aide check? Hmmm. I should look into that. Ok I should go to sleep now. Stuff to do tomorrow
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