I just can’t like Quetzal.

I just can’t like Quetzal. Earlier today he decided to grace us with his presence. I hate the fact that he cannot even TRY to have a conversation with me. It’s like Him, Randy and I are in the room and he will talk to Randy only. And then I will try to talk to everybody, but he ignores me so it seems like I am only talking to Randy. And poor Randy is in the middle of this. **sigh** Only a week left; i check out on Thursday and I was suppose to move in on Sunday or Monday, but I’m going to see next week if I can move in on Friday. I need to start packing, but I forgot the tape. Maybe I’ll stop by work tomorrow and pick some up. I also need to borrow Randy’s key and get a new made; mine works but it is bent and they will charge me $50 for it.
Current mood: aggravated
Current music: Watching Some Godzilla movie on TV

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