Long entry con’t – Saturday

Saturday was spent mostly sleeping and just lounging around the house until I had to goto Amber’s. I took a nap and woke up late, so I was 30min late getting to their house. So they left and it was just Brok and me. We started watching movies and playing with the kitten. Brok wanted to watch Sleepy Hollow, and I eventually let him. I was hesitant, except he said that he said that he had seen it already at his dad. Also Peter came over to return the house keys and told me that they had watched Jaws the night before. Well, I let him watch it for the most part, the only problem I really had was the scene where the wife is getting fucked out in the woods. Oh man. Anyway, after that we decide (ok Brok decided) that we needed to goto the park and ride on his scooter that he has. He has this really cool scooter; it’s like the razor scooter, except that it is bigger and has fatter wheels. It’s like an extreme scooter or something. It’s really cool. The thing was that we couldn’t find his other kneepad, so I told him that we couldn’t take it. So we just ended up going to the park to play tag. It was fun until it was brok’s turn to hide. I closed my eyes and counted and stuff. When I opened them, I expected to see him cause he was wearing a yellow T-shirt and there were only bushes to hide it. But he was gone. So I started to get worried and started looking for him. I goto the sand box and saw this yellow patch in the sand. THE BOY HAD BURRIED HIMSELF IN THE SAND!!!! OMG. I was so pissed. He had sand all over him. So after I had desanded him, we walked to Safeway, cause I was craving some ice cream. So I got a box of It’s-Its and he got some shark pops. After we got back I decided that we had to clean his room cause it was a huge mess; there were clothes, toys and food everywhere. It took us an hour to get things cleaned. half of that time was used to issue a beatdown onto the infatible Jar-Jar chair that he has. I’m surprised that we didn’t pop it with all the abuse that we dished out. Anyway, I got Brok all cleaned up and set for bed. he fell asleep watching Scooby Doo. The kitten on the other had, stayed awake a while longer. But eventually I got both of them asleep. i was so exhausted when Amber and Rob got home at 1am. They had a good time at the concert. So I got paid and drove home. It’s so wierd, cause I would have probably babysat for free, but they pay me big bucks. Enough for the Ren Faire the next day. Heehee
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