Long Entry con’t – Sunday

On Friday, I realized that this would be Shawn’s last weekend in CA and I had promised to take him to the Ren Faire. Well Suzanne kind invited herself along, since we didn’t have a car and she did. It’s not like I didn’t want to go with her, but the original idea was for a guys group to go. And I didn’t want to make it feel like Shawn was a third wheel or something.
Anyway the plan was for me to wake up early and to meet Suzanne at Shawn’s house. Except I got back late from babysitting at Amber’s and woke up late. I didn’t get to berkeley until 9:30-10AM. So we started off late, but we made it to the Faire at about 11am. At the admision booth, we saw Brent and he hooked us up with a discount. He needs to shave that wanna be Shaggy beard that he has going on. He says that it’s period and makes him look older. Yeah, anyways. So we get in and I start to look for a costume. It’s 11 so most of the good rental costumes are gone. EVERYBODY want me to go with a kilt, but I settle for a pirates costume. I really don’t like my legs showing. Besides, I didn’t lotion them and they were ashhy has hell. the pirate costume was ok, except the pants kept on slipping down. I was pulling them up the entire day. Suzanne had bought a boddice the last time that she was at the Faire so her costume was complete. It was white and green and she looked really good in it. Wowzers!!!! Anyway, she has some pictures here. Overall I had a good time. Brought cool stuff for everybody, except for myself. The weather was really plesant, not the usual hot weather that goes with the Ren Faire. Guys were checking Suzanne out and the women were giving me the once (or twice over, heh). I have pictures that will eventually be up.
Hmmm, I have go get ready and goto class. Next time, I finish up the Ren Faire and my thoughts on Kabuki.
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