The one where Joe returns to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts….

OK. I get home Friday after 5 to take a shower so I can head over to Amber’s to watch Brok while they goto the Giants game. So I’m tired has hell and about to leave, when I get a call from Amber. She tells me that Rob has gotten into an accident while going to pick up Brok. So I tell her that she should pick up Brok and meet me at their house. So I’m in my car and hear about an accident on 19th street and so I take Sunset to goto Amber’s house. When Amber gets there, she tells me that the accident was on 19th. So I take Brok and Amber heads off to SF General.
Brok was pretty cool. I gave him the Charlizard that I won from Dave & Busters. He loved it. We watched T.V. and went down to play pool. Brok is such a cool little kid. But I was surprised that I was able to keep up with him. I actually got him asleep at around 10pm. I was expecting him to stay up all night. So Amber and Rob finally get home around midnight and they tell me about the wait and all the shit that was going on at the hospital. I’m glad that Rob is O.K. The scarry thing is that the same thing happened to him almost a year ago, with him passing out in his car for no reason.
So I get home and was going to check my e-mail and goto sleep. An hour later after talking to people, I finally get off line and get to bed.
The next day has me waking up to the smell of Quetzal’s cologne picking me up and slapping me across the face. It’s kinda like the cologne that Tim has. Not the smell but the additude. It’s like both of their cologne demand that you smell them and pay attention to them. But Tim’s was more sophisticated; Quetzal’s is just rude.
Anyway, so I finally get up and decide to do the trip to Vacaville today instead of Sun or Mon. I really don’t want to deal with traffic. So I get dressed and head to Union City for KKD. My poor metro, I can barely get 55mph. I can’t wait for my financial aide so that I can get my car checked out. So I putter to KKD, unfortunately, the hot light wasn’t on. But I still got a dozen doughnuts for Shawn and for April. And of course a little something for me. So I went to Shawn’s house to get a copy of Office 2K for April, but he was having trouble copying it, so I just took his copy. Marie is doing fine, and Shawn will be out there in a couple of weeks. I need to go back over on Tuesday or Wednesday to bring him some boxes.
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