So, next I went to

So, next I went to Vacaville to see April. I also got the honor to finally meet her new bf, Eric. He’s def. tall. And he’s cute. I don’t know. Young comes to mind. He seems even more boyish than I am, looks wise. But he is a cool guys and I like him. April and him look good together. April was looking pretty cute with her hair in buns. I wish I had my camera to take pictures of them together. Oh well, maybe next time. So April was kind enough to let me borrow her Photoshop. Excellent. Hopefully it works well. I’ve had problems with Abode stuff crashing my system. I think it’s my digital camera drivers though.
So they were leaving for Oakdale for the weekend, so I left and stopped by Safeway to use the coinstar machine to turn my pennies into dollars, and I saw my old boss at SCC bookstore John Working and his wife Lucy. It’s been so long since I saw John. Him and Lucy are doing fine; their son just graduated from high school. God, I felt old when I heard that. But I’m glad that they are doing fine. John was one of the best bosses that I’ve had. He’s believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. I will always be thankful to him for that.
So, after Safeway I decide to go up to Dixon to see Barry. Luckily, he was home, and I stayed up there for a couple of hours catching up on the latest news. Gabi has gone and come back from Peru and is working in Berkeley. So they are doing fine, which is good. We went to the new A&W/KFC that is in Dixon and I got a shot glass for Teresa and a mug for myself. I got a float and onion rings to eat. Oh man, A&W makes the best fast food onion rings in the world. And this is from the guy who really doesn’t like onion rings. I also helped him set up his computer and we talked about our pitiful lives; well, mine anyways, at least he is getting some. According to him, she can’t get enuf of him, but I know that it’s mutual.
Well, after that, I was going to goto Sac, but I was feeling a little sick and the Metro was really acting up, so I decided to head back to the city. Soon, I will have to go up to Sac to spend the night at Mew’s and visit Mr and Mrs Wallner. Something is up with Lesa, but I won’t know what it is until I see her and talk to her.
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