How Dedicaded Am I To My Job

I am here on a Saturday working my ass off.
Got all of my paperwork done and am finishing up a huge art transfered.
I think that I poisoned myself.
O.K. The guys (peter and mark…actually, I think it was peter) used this god awful cologne called Bod). He would leave it in the van and splash (and I do mean splash) when he was running late.
Well one day, the bottle leaked and got all over, including on all the pens in the van.
later, Joe is searching around for a pen and finds one that he hasn’t used in a while
Joe breaks a nail packing boxes and decides to bite it off, there by ingesting some of the cologne.
Now Joe is feverish and shaking, but still working.
Is that dedication….or stupidity?
Anyway, I am almost done. Should be outta here by 5pm
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