**yawn** nap was good. Shouldn’t

nap was good. Shouldn’t had so much salty food before I slept though. blah.
I should not be going out with Mike to get ice cream and a movie.
But I could really use a shake or a sundae from Cold Stone Creamery
**thought** could I get a job there, maybe has a cake decorator or something? Naw, I am def. not going to go down the ice cream route again.
Mike. washed dishes. Yay.
Am semi dreading reading the Bible. Maybe I should read the Gideon’s version instead of the NIV version. Maybe I should goto Borders and get a kid’s version.
Well, I guess I will read until Mike is gone with his dinner and is ready to go.
Current mood: awake
Current music: Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills

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