I should be at work

I should be at work right now…
but I am home in bed trying to stay warm
Am also in bed mildly fuming about Mike.
I’m sorry, the f’ing recycle bin is right outside the door. How hard is it to open the door and toss your f’ing apple juice bottle away.
O.K. maybe it’s cold and you don’t want to go outside. But he got dressed and went to work. **sigh**
And then the dishes. I will wait to see if he does them tonight. I put the dishes in the drying rack away, so maybe he’ll wash some dishes tonight.
This probably sounds like I’m an anally retentive freak, but I’m not. Mike gets all flustered if I don’t use a coaster, BUT LEAVING USED NAPKINS AND FOOD EVERYWHERE IS O.K. WTF.
**sigh** Like I said, I’m not that anal. But if what Mike saw was really a cockroach, then the reason they are around is because of the mess that he is making…..O.K. I should be cleaner too.
I don’t want to make a chore list for us, but if that’s what it takes to keep the house clean….
Oh,Oh, you know what else? If he washed the dishes, then he would have some dishes to use instead of using mine. I mean he has way more dishes than I have; we are talking 4:1 ratio.
**sigh** Don’t know why I went off on that bitchfest. Must be my time of the month. Anyway, I get up and goto work. If nothing else the drive out from the fog here @ SF State into the sunshine should help my mood.
Current mood: bitchy
Current music: Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching

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