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oh man, I am getting

oh man, I am getting into this set that I am listening to. God I want to go out and just shake my thang. I would plan a dance night with the crew, but they are all out getting married and having babies. 😛
Anyway, I need to find a date for Serraph and I to have dinner with Barry and Gabi. It’s just that everybody has conflicting schedules. **sigh** Something to work on I guess.
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What have I accomplished today…

The room is clean and organized
Completed my financial aid application online for next year. This should be the last year that I have to do that.
I ate
Got a paragraph of my paper done….
Caught up on most of my reading….
Took a shower
Wash dishes
Well, let’s see. I need to do State Taxes next. And I should sort my clothes at least for laundry tomorrow. Or should I do it tonight. The thing is that it’s raining, so I would either have to go across the deck in the rain to get to the laundromat or go down to the 2nd floor, walk across to the other elevator, and then come back up.
God, I’m such a wuss, like I going to melt if I get wet a little.
Anyway, I’m sure that I am too lazy to go wash clothes tonight. Tomorrow then.
Let’s see. I was messing around with windows and Geocities. Since I have been taking pictures and uploading them onto my Geocities site, I was going to make a web folder for it so I could just drag the pics into the folder instead of going to the Geocities site and uploading them that way. But for some reason, the web folders is not working. I’ve done it before, so I know it has worked in the pass.
I have challenged Barry to an online game of Civ II sometime in the future. I haven’t really played in awhile. So I should load that up and get some practice. I think the plan will be to find him and get into an alliance with him to help get rid of some of the computer civ and then turn against him. I’ll have to think about it.
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Or do I want to go out to eat….

The thing is that I have a really good parking space right outside the Humanities building. It’s the difference between a 3 min walk and a 10-15 min walk. I really don’t want to give it up. I would walk to the mall to pick up something except it is raining outside. yuck. And I also want to rent a DVD.
Hmmm. I think that I will just stay in and watch something from my collection. I’m thinking either The Sixth Sense or Fight Club.
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Well, the pork chops are on hold…

It seems that I have forgotten to do dishes for the last couple of days, so the dishes are now running in the dish washer.
Hmmm, looks like either ramen or cereal for dinner
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Some pics that I took this morning…

Rolling Rock
The morning after the dorm party….
He’s buried somewhere under there…
I did this last week too, I’ll get up take a couple of shots, and then go back to sleep. Just one of my strange quirks, I guess…
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These Are the Most-Played Albums In Your Collection

8 Plays………Enrique………………………….Enrique Inglesias
4 Plays………ESCM……………………………BT
4 Plays………Original Soundtrack…………The Phantom Of The Opera – Original London Cast (Disc 1)
4 Plays………Return Of Saturn…………… .No Doubt
3 Plays………Greatest Hits…………………..New Edition
3 Plays………Original Soundtrack………….City Of Angels
3 Plays………Everything Is Wrong…………Moby
3 Plays………This Desert Life……………….Counting Crows
I still don’t understand how DiscPlay (my CD Player) compiles the stats that it gets. I have played some of my CD’s many times, yet they only show up being played once or twice. I think it only counts it if I listen to the whole CD without skipping titles. The most played tracks are all screwed up because I had one CD play all night long on repeat.
Anyway, with my room cleaned, I should think about dinner. Pork chops tonight. Mmmmm.
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Are we ever really satisfied with our bodies….

**sigh** I really do have an ugly dick. I mean god, I wonder how in the hell did I get anybody to be interested in it. I guess personality does goes a long way.
O.K. it’s just not my dick; it’s my whole body. I should have taken weight training or something to get rid of the 1.5 handles and to turn my A cups into pecs. And I think that I am getting more hair over my body.
O.K. Enough putting down my body. Sure, there are guys with way better bodies than mine. (All of my previous roommates). But then I have seen worse in the locker room (Like them pale white guys. God, I mean I get ashy and stuff, but I think that I would rather be ashy than pale like that.
Let me put some clothes on and clean up my room a bit…
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oh man…..slight hangover going on

oh man…..slight hangover going on
Once again, I wish that I would have brought my camera with me to take pics. Oh well…
I’ve actually been up for an hour or two. The first time that I woke up, I tried to read journals and somehow started printing….Luckly I was able to stop the printing before all 22 pages printed out.
My room is just a mess….**sigh** I know the first thing that I will be doing when I wake up….
Am thinking about breakfast. The idea thing would be to goto Burger King and get some French Toast Sticks. I don’t know what it is about their French Toast Stick, but they always make my tummy feel better after a night of drinking. But I actually have a craving for cereal, but I wonder how my stomach would take to having milk in it.
O.K. I think I going to lay back down and think about what to do.
Actually, I think I’m going to hit the bathroom first…
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Horoscope (by astronet.com) You want

Horoscope (by astronet.com)
You want to be involved in important projects, and you prefer to be in the limelight. Your efforts could quickly put you in the forefront, well ahead of the current leaders. Take charge by making decisions and announcing your plans for the future. People will look to you for advice now, so be ready to give the right information. Keep a close watch on your emotions. Your emotional state could affect your ability to negotiate new contracts and get your needs met. Ask for what you need and want.
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Back from the party….

Oh man, I feel good right now. Actually it’s just an alcohol buzz, but it feels kinda good right now. After work, I went downtown to find out that I didn’t have to pay my taxes. So then I headed out to the Boat House where Amber was buying drinks for both the warehouse people and the supply people. I only stayed for one one drink and a couple of games of Air Hockey before I left to go home. It’s a good think that I had those drinks cause when I checked the mail I had two letter from creditors that I had thought that I had paid off already. Tomorrow or Sunday, I will look in my records to see if I did or not. So I was laying down and thinking about dinner when Serraph called me. We must have talked for at least two hours, cause while I was talking to her, I got a call from Peter saying that they were leaving to goto the bar to celebrate Tim’s birthday. It was nice to talk to her; it wasn’t too deep, but it wasn’t superficial either. I really liked it. Anyway I eventually made my way to the Golden something, this bar on Haight. I had a couple of drinks, not too many, but I was completely buzzed. There were lots of people there, guys and girls. I left a little early to bring a co-worker home (his name is Joe too) But when I was coming back home, there was a cop following me. So I decided to go back to the bar and hang out there until the cop passed. Actually, some of the people are suppose to be going over to another coworkers who lives on the 3rd floor. They said that they would get me, but the girls were so drunk that I doubt that they will remember where I live.
On the one hand, I’m not big into alcohol, cause I am kinda afraid that I will use it has an escape from problems that I have. Yet on the other hand, I am glad that I am buzzed like this, because I can put the problems that I have behind me for awhile….
I wonder if the girls are coming over to get me? I’ll probably be passed out by then,,,,
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