What have I accomplished today…

The room is clean and organized
Completed my financial aid application online for next year. This should be the last year that I have to do that.
I ate
Got a paragraph of my paper done….
Caught up on most of my reading….
Took a shower
Wash dishes
Well, let’s see. I need to do State Taxes next. And I should sort my clothes at least for laundry tomorrow. Or should I do it tonight. The thing is that it’s raining, so I would either have to go across the deck in the rain to get to the laundromat or go down to the 2nd floor, walk across to the other elevator, and then come back up.
God, I’m such a wuss, like I going to melt if I get wet a little.
Anyway, I’m sure that I am too lazy to go wash clothes tonight. Tomorrow then.
Let’s see. I was messing around with windows and Geocities. Since I have been taking pictures and uploading them onto my Geocities site, I was going to make a web folder for it so I could just drag the pics into the folder instead of going to the Geocities site and uploading them that way. But for some reason, the web folders is not working. I’ve done it before, so I know it has worked in the pass.
I have challenged Barry to an online game of Civ II sometime in the future. I haven’t really played in awhile. So I should load that up and get some practice. I think the plan will be to find him and get into an alliance with him to help get rid of some of the computer civ and then turn against him. I’ll have to think about it.
Current mood: accomplished
Current music: Listening to GrooveRadio.com on the internet

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