Back from the party….

Oh man, I feel good right now. Actually it’s just an alcohol buzz, but it feels kinda good right now. After work, I went downtown to find out that I didn’t have to pay my taxes. So then I headed out to the Boat House where Amber was buying drinks for both the warehouse people and the supply people. I only stayed for one one drink and a couple of games of Air Hockey before I left to go home. It’s a good think that I had those drinks cause when I checked the mail I had two letter from creditors that I had thought that I had paid off already. Tomorrow or Sunday, I will look in my records to see if I did or not. So I was laying down and thinking about dinner when Serraph called me. We must have talked for at least two hours, cause while I was talking to her, I got a call from Peter saying that they were leaving to goto the bar to celebrate Tim’s birthday. It was nice to talk to her; it wasn’t too deep, but it wasn’t superficial either. I really liked it. Anyway I eventually made my way to the Golden something, this bar on Haight. I had a couple of drinks, not too many, but I was completely buzzed. There were lots of people there, guys and girls. I left a little early to bring a co-worker home (his name is Joe too) But when I was coming back home, there was a cop following me. So I decided to go back to the bar and hang out there until the cop passed. Actually, some of the people are suppose to be going over to another coworkers who lives on the 3rd floor. They said that they would get me, but the girls were so drunk that I doubt that they will remember where I live.
On the one hand, I’m not big into alcohol, cause I am kinda afraid that I will use it has an escape from problems that I have. Yet on the other hand, I am glad that I am buzzed like this, because I can put the problems that I have behind me for awhile….
I wonder if the girls are coming over to get me? I’ll probably be passed out by then,,,,
Current mood: drunk
Current music: Listening To KYLD Wild 94.9 on the internet

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