Are we ever really satisfied with our bodies….

**sigh** I really do have an ugly dick. I mean god, I wonder how in the hell did I get anybody to be interested in it. I guess personality does goes a long way.
O.K. it’s just not my dick; it’s my whole body. I should have taken weight training or something to get rid of the 1.5 handles and to turn my A cups into pecs. And I think that I am getting more hair over my body.
O.K. Enough putting down my body. Sure, there are guys with way better bodies than mine. (All of my previous roommates). But then I have seen worse in the locker room (Like them pale white guys. God, I mean I get ashy and stuff, but I think that I would rather be ashy than pale like that.
Let me put some clothes on and clean up my room a bit…
Current mood: naked
Current music: BT – Mercury And Solace

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